Reskilling Revolution

Reskilling Revolution I've lived through the challenges faced by RMG sector for over 3 decades & been frustrated by past industry efforts to overcome their challenges & I am intensely worried about the social conditions for workers, especially in the aftermath of COVID-19 and the approach of Industry 4.0 then 5.0 RMG factories can no longer rely on experience gained on the job. it's the time to throw away outdated management style & inadequate skills. No technologies or skilled operators can save the industry. But the Human system does It requires: Engineers equipped with advanced knowledge & analytical tools who are capable of designing efficient manufacturing concepts which capitalize on economies of scale and result in the ability to make a greater mix of products more rapidly at lower cost Managers & Staffs equipped with the essential techniques allowing them to remove daily obstacles & challenges thereby allowing product to move continuously in a more efficient and cost-effective manner Production supervisors to engage immediately in applying correct methods, monitoring, troubleshooting, adjusting for deviations & eliminating workflow disruptions, all actions designed to increase productivity and quality levels. Reskilling Revolution-Time has come